Prevention of Noise Pollution

Sound-insulating walls installed

Boilers, heating & cooling units for water, and air compressors generate noise in our plants.
At the Kyowa Plant where electronic parts are manufactured, areas around the plant have been partitioned, and areas that had nothing but groves of mixed trees earlier have become residential areas.
This led to concern that noise from machinery operating in the plant's facilities could have an impact on the surrounding environment. Voluntary monitoring activities were implemented, which indicated that the noise level in a part of the residential area exceeded the acceptable level.
Sound-insulating walls were promptly installed around pumps and cooling towers in the electronic products' plant, which was considered to be the sources of noise, and the impact of noise on the surrounding environment was prevented.
All measured values of noise after installing the sound-insulating walls were well within the acceptable levels. Subsequently, we have been maintaining close contact with Obu City and are controlling operations to restrict noise to acceptable levels.