Environmental Education

Based on its brief that manufacturing starts with nurturing excellent personal, Toyota Industries regards human resources development as one of its most important management issues, and thus actively provides environmental education programs and carries out enlightenment activities for its employees. Toyota industries has clarified the environmental-related knowledge and capabilities required for each job position and rank, and accordingly, is building an environmental education program. Specifically, we offer rank-based environmental education, introductory courses for environmental management and environmental audits as well as environmental product education.
In addition to these programs, we organize lectures on the environment by people from outside the company and run special features in our in-house newsletter to raise environmental awareness among employees.

Environmental Lectures for Employees from Fiscal 2004

February 9, 2012 What everyone can do now for the environment
September 13, 2010 Biodiversity and manufacturing
September 14, 2009 · The keynote lecture
"Biodiversity and Corporate Considerations
☆Bird's-eye view and individual actions are required☆"
· Panel Discussion
"Consideration of Biodiversity—How Toyota Industries works on biodiversity"
September 15, 2008 Low carbon society and the role of businesses
May 11, 2007 Future prospects of oil resources and global warming
July 28, 2006 EU Environmental Laws : Trends and Influence
June 6, 2006 Manufacturing that considers people and the earth : A new form of manufacturing and living
September 9, 2005 Unknown efforts: Relationships between enterprises/workforces, the environment and our future
July 22, 2005 Current situation and future prospects of environmental laws and regulations in the United states and Europe
June 24, 2004 Activities of Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.
June 17, 2004 Automobile Recycling
March 12, 2003 ISO19001 compliance and indirect environmental impact assessments

Environmental Education Program