Car Electronics

Toyota Industries develops and produces electronic components and devices for electrified vehicles and for charging infrastructure. In addition to Toyota Motor Corporation, we are pursuing business expansion to other automakers in and outside Japan.

Expanding Experience and Roles in Electrified Vehicles

A DC-DC Converter converts the high voltage of the main battery to a lower voltage level suitable to operate lights, wipers, horns and other auxiliary devices. Since being installed in the first-generation Prius, Toyota Industries has been constantly contributing to reduce the product size and weight. Moreover, DC-DC Converter to stabilize the voltage for the stop and start vehicle has been released in 2013, Rear Inverter has been developed for Prius 4WD in 2015. The role has been expanding as a vehicle component supplier.

Accelerating Development Activities to Contribute to Low-Carbon Society

As many countries adopt regulations requiring high energy efficiency, growth of electrification is expected in the automotive field. To contrive to a low-carbon society, Toyota Industries will accelerate the development efforts to enhance its power electronics products while working to reinforce its production capability.

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