Types of Compressor and Structure: One-Way Swash Plate Type (Variable Displacement)


The illustration shows the construction of this compressor.
Refrigerant intake and compression methods are almost the same as those for the fixed displacement swash plate compressor. Unlike the fixed displacement type, however, there is only one cylinder.


The required amount of refrigerant gas is sucked in and compressed by changing the pressure balance within the compressor. The swash plate angle can be adjusted, which forces the piston to make larger or smaller strokes. This enables stable temperature control and improved driving feeling. Displacement control can be achieved by either internally controlled variable displacement or externally controlled variable displacement methods.

The Manner of Operation

Internally Controlled Variable Displacement Method

The compressor controls optimum capacity according to the heat load of the compressor, with the control valve sensing the changing intake pressure of refrigerant gas. This enables smooth operation and quick temperature control.

One-Way Swash Plate Internally Controlled Type

Externally Controlled Variable Displacement Method

An electric signal is sent to the compressor control valve from outside the vehicle. Finely tuned optional control is possible for the compressor to operate at optimum capacity, enabling greater fuel efficiency to be achieved.

One-Way Swash Plate Externally Controlled Type

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