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TICS TOYOTA Internet Customer Support system

With over 24,000 parts in stock at our Japan Parts Center, Toyota making efforts so that customers can get the parts quickly to keep their business running smoothly and without delays.

This system was established to provide a direct link between Toyota and customers in countries where there is no Toyota service center. We firmly believe that this gives our customers comfort in knowing that they can always get the parts information they need anytime and thus feel that Toyota is always there when needed.
(1) Customers themselves must prepare a computer which can access the Internet and make a contract with a provider.
(2) Customers must make a basic contract with TOYOTA and their existing distributor.
(3) After the customer's LOGIN is fixed, TICS can be used.
(1) Windows98 or newer
(2) Internet explorer 4.01 or newer (Netscape cannot be used)
(3) Acrobat reader 4.0 or newer (For printing quotations)

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