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Toyota Internet TTCS (Toyota Total Computer System)

Toyota Industries Corporation developed "Internet TTCS (Toyota Total Computer System)" that is ahead of the times to take advantage of the Internet. Since the Internet function is incorporated in former TTCS through Toyota's advanced technology, the Internet TTCS makes it possible to manage whole weaving plant on-line from anywhere in the world in real time. Compared to former TTCS which adopts Ethernet (10Mbps), the new Internet TTCS is simply marvelous in the respect that it does not need particular software. That is, plant condition can be checked through WEB browser on your P/C from everywhere. (ex. Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer etc.)

Additional new functions
  • Accessible from anywhere, even from overseas, over the Internet in real time
  • Existing P/C can be the terminal, i.e. you don't need particular software and hardware.
  • All the operation can be done through WEB browser, which is the standard of the Internet.
  • Various control functions, such as parts exchange record/forecast, make a contribution to simple management.
  • Superior communication network along with Internet to grasp every setting or condition of the looms enables centralized control.
  • Besides air jet loom, the new system is connectable with other machines such as water jet loom, weaving preparing and inspection process.

Internet TTCS

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