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JAT 810 Specifications

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JAT810 Main Specifications
Item Standard Equipment
Drive Super-fast start-up motor
Start, stop, forward/reverse slow motion activated by push-button operation
Solenoid-brake stoppage
Automatic compensation for fixed-position stops
Beating Two-sided crank drive with oil bath
Multiple short sleysword
Let-Off Electronic let-off motion
Positive easing type, double back rollers (adjustable forward/back position)
Take-Up Electronic take-up motion
Weft Insertion High-propulsion main nozzle, Conical tandem nozzle
High-efficiency tapered sub nozzles, Stretch nozzle
New super-responsive solenoid valves
Sub tanks with direct connection to valves
Auto pick finder
Automatic Timing Controller (ATC)
Temple Upper cover temple (lower mounted)
Stop-Mark Prevention Selectable main motor start-up
Selectable machine stop/start angle
Adjustable let-off amount, One-shot weft insertion
Fell forward
Selvage Left/right rotary full-leno selvage device
Waste Selvage Waste selvage on the right with catch cord
Stop Motion Electric warp stop motion
Leno-selvage & waste-selvage break stop motion
Reflecting type weft detector (double weft detector)
Four-color LED signal lamp
Lubrication Oil bath lubrication system for main parts
Grease lubrication
Main Control Large 12-inch interactive touchscreen color function panel
32-bit CPU & function panel
Fiber-optic & Ethernet LAN communication network
Function Panel Features 24-hour & weekly efficiency graphs
Doffing/warp out forecast, Timing checker
Automatic Initial Condition Setting (ICS)
Intelligent Filling Controller (IFC)
Troubleshooting, Stoppage cause display
Weaver’s monitor, Weave Assist System (WAS)
Others Centralized regulator, Power outage stop function
Emergency alarm function, Toyota Monitoring System (TMS)

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