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JAT 810 Options / Variations

Outstanding features Specifications Options / Variations

Options / Variations for the JAT810
Main Options
Automatic Weft Brake System (ABS)
Automatic Pick Controller (AFC, APC, EPC)
Flexible Insertion System (FIS)
Air Gripper System (AGS)
Balloon Cover
Electric Drum Pooling with Weft Separation
Twin-Beam System
Double-Beam System
Multiple Pick Density-Type Electronic Take-Up
Hybrid Brake System
Intelligent Take-Up Controller (ITC)
Multi-Tandem Nozzle, P Monitor
Automatic Insertion Command (AIC)
Intelligent Air-Saving System (IAS)
JAT e-REED (air-saving reed)
Electronic Selvage Motion (ESM)
2-Thread Half-Leno Selvage Device
Tuck-In Selvage Device (left/right and center)
Center Selvage Device
Independent Selvage Motion (ISM)
Warp Breakage Area Indicator (with 6 or 12 divisions)
Toyota Automatic Pick Operator (TAPO)
Speed Control Inverter (SC Inverter)
Fully Automatic Centralized Lubricator
Toyota Total Computer System (Internet-TTCS)
Toyota Factory Management System (FACT)

Item Variations
Nominal Reed Space (R/S) 140 cm, 150 cm, 170 cm, 190 cm, 210 cm, 230 cm, 250 cm, 260 cm, 280 cm, 300 cm, 340 cm, 360 cm, 390 cm
Let-Off Negative easing type, double back roller (adjustable up/down position)
Yarn Beam Flange Diameter 800 mm, 930 mm, 1000 mm, 1100 mm, 1250 mm (pile beam for towel weaving)
Temple Lower cover temple, Full-width temple
Shedding Negative cam shedding (maximum 8 shafts)
Positive cam shedding (maximum 10 shafts)
Crank shedding (maximum 6 shafts)
Electronic shedding (maximum 16 shafts)
Dobby shedding (maximum of 16 shafts)
Note: Towel loom: maximum 20 shafts
Jacquard shedding
Weft Insertion Supports up to 8 colors
(2-color, 4-color, 6-color and 8-color pick-at-will)
Stop Motion Penetrating type weft detector (double weft detector)

Reed spaces of 260 cm and 300 cm are only available for terry machines.

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