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JAT 710 Variations

Weaving variations expand fabric possibilities to meet a diverse range of customer needs


Terry Motion

The JAT710 incorporates a fabric transport system that synchronizes temple and fell plate movement with terry motion. This eliminates fabric abrasions resulting from cloth movement.

Electronic Plie System

  • Pile length is easily specified by entering the information via the function panel.
  • Relative and absolute pile lengths can be continuously varied thanks to servo-motor driving.
  • Switching among 3 to 7 pick piles can be specified as desired.

Torsion Bar Back (Grand)

A low-inertia torsion bar system improves let-off mechanism tracking characteristics, making high-speed operation possible.

Wide Machines


Multi-Link Beating

By ensuring ample weft insertion time, the JAT710 delivers consistent, high-speed weft insertion.

Tuck-In Selvage Device

Tuck-in selvages can be formed on both right and left sides, as well as in the center. In addition to boosting the added value of fabrics, this feature improves productivity by providing dual width capabilities.



Toyota Automatic Pick Operator (TAPO-E)

This is a special TAPO developed for the automatic processing of stronger weft yarns like those made of glass, filament, etc.

Automatic Bobbin Change (ABC)

ABC automatically removes yarn tailings during weft yarn package changes and helps make a smooth transition to the next full bobbin. This eliminates the time and effort spent on exchanging empty packages.

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