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JAT 710 Options

Extensive Options for the JAT710

Air Gripper Systems (AGS)

This system eliminates dropped picks of stretch yarn, while preventing damage to covered yarns.

Welt Insertion Device Yarns of Different Types and Counts

Main nozzle pressure can be set independently for each pick according to the weft insertion pattern. Plus, the sub nozzle's pressure can be switched between high and low pressure for each pick, allowing the operator to set the pressure according to the type of yarn.

This new improvement enables the JAT710 to weave fabrics that were previously only possible with rapier looms. (Handles a maximum of 12-times difference in weft yarn count.)

Electronic Selvat Motion (ESM)

Independent left and right servomotors allow the operator to freely set cross angles.

In addition to easier yarn break repair and weaving width adjustment, an oil-bath system for the drive gears increases the reliability of loom parts during high-speed operation.

Electronic Shedding Motion (E-shed)

Five Advantages of Electronic Shedding

  • Free pattern setting from function panel

  • Vertically variable dwell angle can be set for each heald frame

  • Variable cross-timing for each shedding frame

  • No limit to difference in number of upper / lower frames, even when using 16 shedding frames

  • Pick finding with shedding motion only

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