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JAT 710
JAT 710 Air Jet Loom
Engineered to provide customers the highest levels of reliability and satisfaction
Outstanding features

Since its introduction, the JAT610 has become the best-selling air jet loom in the industry, enjoying high acclaim from customers around the world. Now, as the world becomes more and more information-oriented, the needs of the customer are becoming more diverse and complex. With this in mind, Toyota has taken the JAT610 a step further and developed the new JAT710.

The JAT710 is designed with the same concept as the JAT610: "weaving the highest quality fabric at the lowest possible cost,"and boasts improved features such as higher speed, lower vibration and lower energy consumption. Plus it is equipped with the latest electronics technology such as a new Internet-capable color function panel, taking today's weaving mill into a new dimension.

With its superb reliability and performance, the JAT710 will offer customers a bright new future in weaving.

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