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Spinning Machinery Floor

VC5A Outstanding features

Achievement of high-speed operation by optimum conrol of airflow

By controlling airflow, fine fleece and piecing without irregularity can be maintained even during high-speed operation. Air Control Pieces are disposed to fend off inverse airflow generated by revolution of Brush Roller. Airflow generated by Top Comb is guided upwards. Weakened airflow achieved by widening clearance between Bottom Nipper and Cylinder minimizes influence on fleece during piecing.

Realization of accurate combing by larger diameter cylinder (150mm) and improvemnt of nipper motion

In addition to larger diameter cylinder, stable combing is performed by the improvement of nipper motion:
  • Sufficient combing is given to fleece by longer needle length.
  • At the start of combing, cylinder gauge is widened so that fleece can be combed easily and afterwards is kept minimum to the end.

Clearance between Cylinder Needle Tip and Nipper Knife Edge

5 over 4 draft system

The VC5A features 5 over 4 draft system that has excellent reputation for stable drafting. By making Main Drafting Zone and Break Drafting Zone independent, Top Rollers can firmly secure fleece and enable stable drafting.

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