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Spinning Machinery Floor

TD8 Options

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Equipment and options
TD 7 TD 8 +TD 8-600  
Series / Optional Series / Optional  
Function-oriented total design for a good accessibility to all assemblies of the machine
Maintenance-free, power-saving, highly dynamic digital servo drives
Individual drives for stepless adjustment of delivery speed, sliver count and draft on leveller draw frames
Infinitely variable delivery speed
Wide 4-over-3 drafting system with pressure bar
Pneumatic load separately controllable for each top roll
Quick relief of top rolls
Reliable computer control with touch screen for extensive information for operator and maintenance specialists
Automatic can changer with sliver separation unit for cans up to 1000 mm diameter and 1500 mm height
For cans up to 500 mm diameter optional delivery unit for can carriage
Passive can feed track for can changer
Driven can feed track for can changer above or below floor, for cans up to 500 mm diameter
SERVO DRAFT short-term leveller
DISC MONITOR automatic sliver count monitoring
Integrated quality monitoring with regard to sliver count, sliver evenness, spectrogram and online spectrogram analysis
Continuous suction with monitoring of pressure
Integrated filter TD-FB with fan, large filter surface and high-volume collecting container
Separately driven sliver feed SERVO CREEL TD-SC for up to 8-fold doubling
Feed creel, double-row, for up to 8-fold doubling
Optimisation package TD-OS
– Digital servo drive for centre drafting cylinder for stepless adjustment of break draft
– Software AUTO DRAFT for automatic optimisation of break draft

●= Series ○ = Optional

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