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TD8 Outstanding features

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JAT810 Main Specifications

SERVO DRAFT provides highly dynamic compensation of deviations from the target sliver weight. To achieve this degree of short-term levelling, which cannot be realised with conventional concepts, SERVO DRAFT uses special drives, determines precise actual values, ensures fault-free signal processing and direct conversion of the levelling signal.

The new groove and sensing roll unit DISC LEVELLER

The sensor is based on friction-free, fiber-friendly measurement. It allows a very high, adjustable pressure at the measuring point, thus the deviations in material thickness must be placed on the same level as the actual mass deviations. The sensor features maximum accuracy and signal quality, without interference from external sources. Translating these signals into draft changes with SERVO DRAFT results in a perfectly levelled sliver and consistent sliver count stability.
DISC LEVELLER is equipped with a new, permanently lubricated bearing that features a more rigid design than conventional constructions; nevertheless, it allows quick and simple replacement of the groove and sensing rolls during lot change.

Standard draw frame TD 8 with two servo motors

JAT810 Main Specifications

On the Truetzschler-Toyota Draw Frame TD 8, the feed area is designed as solid creel. Alternatively, the new separately driven sliver feed SERVO CREEL can be applied. Both variants are made of torsion-stiff aluminium profiles; the supports are height adjustable and can be adapted to the corresponding can heights.
  The new sliver feed SERVO CREEL is also ideal for sensitive slivers.

For the first time with separate drive

The new sliver feed SERVO CREEL presents a real technical innovation. For the first time a creel features an individual drive, which offers numerous advantages:

JAT810 Main Specifications • No mechanical connection to the draw frame
• Tension draft to draw frame can be optimisedin a very sensitive manner (stepless on touch screen)
• The levelling motor is no longer strained by permanent acceleration and braking of the creel = higher levelling dynamics = improved levelling quality
• Reduced space requirement
The new SERVO CREEL is equipped with a separate drive.  

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