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TCO 12 Outstanding features

Increased Energy Efficiency
New drive technology to prevent quality variat ions and to increase performance

The conventional mono drive of the thin detaching rollers produces strong torsions. As a result, vibrations and deviations in combing quality and noil volume occur between the comb heads. Here the overall performance of the comber is also limited.

The new concept of the TCO 12 is based on two-times-two highly dynamic synchronous servo motors.
Two motors on each side drive the two detaching rollers. This results in synchronous running and absolutely comparable motion sequences on all comb heads.

By using individual drives, the motion sequence can be precisely determined by the machine control.
Thus, for the first time, an application-oriented optimisation of the piecing process is possible.

The facts:
  • Reduction of torsion to 25%
  • Reduction of vibration to less than 25%
  • Simple optimisation of piecing process
  • Reduction of variance between the eight comb heads in terms of quality and noil amount by more than 50%
  • Increase of nip rate up to 600 1/min
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Countcontrol for higher sliver quality

The batt weight of the laps varies over the entire length of the batt. This usually results in sliver count deviations. On the Toyota-Truetzschler Comber TCO 12, these deviations are compensated by the COUNT CONTROL levelling system.
The quality sensor determines the sliver count and transmits the signal to the control, which varies the main draft accordingly. The result is a permanently consistent sliver count.

Sliver count deviations measured over length of lap

How the SCD Works
Quality improvement with combing optimizer

The servo drive technology allows automatic optimization of the settings.
This COMBING OPTIMIZER automatically indicates optimal settings based on the real time quality data of the DISC MONITOR.Additional information is stored in the database.The database itself is automatically updated during actual operation.The more this self-learning function is used, the better the quality of the sliver.
The TCO 12 with COMBING OPTIMIZER is the first comber to achieve quality control automation in a combing process.

Sliver count deviations measured over length of lap

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