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RX 300-EST II Outstanding features

Key Features

  • High quality
  • Smooth collection of fleece fibers thanks to a suction slit and perforated apron
  • Precise slip-free rotation of the perforated apron thanks to positive drive of the top and bottom delivery rollers
  • Inverter-controlled adjustable suction pressure allows the handling of all yarn counts, from coarse to fine
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easily detachable condensing unit greatly reduces for cleaning
  • Perforated apron, driven by a bottom roller and not affected by top roller diameter, makes maintenance easy
  • Flexibility
  • Can be easily switched between compact and conventional spinning
  • Available for retrofit onto the RX 300
Conventional ring yarn Compact yarn

Condensing unit (with tension device on each spindle)

Upgrades / Improvements in EST II

Newly developed perforated apron
Development of a special Toyota process means dramatically increased life of the perforated apron resulting in significantly reduced operating costs.

Newly developed condensing unit (with perforated apron and tension device for each spindle)
The narrowing and elongation of the perforated apron prevents accumulation of fly, dramatically extending the time between maintenance operations. Plus, a tension device means even smoother fleece fiber collection. High quality is guaranteed even for extra-fine yarn counts.

New suction pressure monitoring and control system
Detects changes in fleece fiber collection suction pressure and automatically maintains the pressure so that it is uniform across all spindles. The result is more consistent spinning.

Single motor per unit
Energy-efficient design provides even greater savings over conventional systems. Having one suction fan for every 48 spindles ensures uniform suction pressure even for machines with a large number of spindles.

Suction device

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