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RX 300 E-draft Specifications

E-draft main specifications

Multi-slub, multi-twist, multi-count and their combination

Slub settings Thickness: Max. 500%
Length: Up to 999 mm
System: Decelerating F roller, accelerating B&M roller
Pattern settings 1,000 x 1,000-line
Count range NE 2-250
Twist range Twist Multiple 2-6
Memory In-machine (5 patterns)
Memory card (more than 100)
Data transfer Memory card
Ethernet communication
Simulation CD
RX300 E-draft main specifications
No. of spindles Spindles: Max. 1,200 spindles
Gauge 70 mm, 75 mm
Bobbin (lift) 180 (155) mm, 210 (185) mm, 230 (205) mm, 250 (225) mm
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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