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RX 300 E-draft Outstanding features

By applying the electronic servo technology of the AJL E-shed, Toyota has developed the ultimate drafting system, E-draft. This original individual drive 3-roller draft system is equipped with specialized servomotors, which allow setting and changing the speed of each draft roller freely. With the E-draft system fancy yarn can be easily made. Additionally, a new enlarged color function panel (touch panel type) enhances data setting and status monitoring functions.
3-Roller Individual Draft Drive

3-roller individual draft device

Use of a 32-bit CPU provides a high degree of precision and dependability. This is the first ring spinning frame in the world to eliminate all change gears and provide electronic control for setting.

Back-up system for power failure

Energy Back-up Program (EBP) assures that synchronization between the spindles and all drafting rollers will be maintained to prevent ends down during sudden machine stops caused by power failures.

Enlarged color function panel (touch panel)

10.5-inch TFT color function panel offers easy set-up, especially for slub pattern settings and simulation. Data communication between the PC and machine is possible through data ports. A total network system can also be set up using the Internet function.

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