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RX 300 Outstanding features

Increased Energy Efficiency

The spindle and draft drives use new motorsand inverters with high-performance, high-efficiency,energy-saving features

Instead of the induction motors used in conventional models, the RX300 employs new Super-Energy-Saving Motor and Special Inverter technologies. These enable highly efficient, energy-saving operation.

Improved configuration of the pneumatic system ensures efficient suction capacity for small drives

Reducing energy consumption by about 7% per spindle

Spinning conditions
Mechanical conditions
• Cotton 100% Ne30
• 185 mm lift x 38 mm ring • Spindle rpm: 20,000 rpm
Note: Actual power consumption will depend on factors such as machine configurations and spinning conditions.

Proprietary Technology Enables the Commercialization of 1,824-Spindle Machines
Bottom Roller Split Drive
For the RX300G
The draft motor that shares part of the bottom-roller drive is driven by the vector control system, so there is little slip during rotation. In addition, the rotation pulses of the front rollers, which are driven by the main motor and the draft motor, are detected. And the main control CPU conducts feedback correction so that the twists are uniform on each section of the machine.

Control System Using the Latest Electronics Technology

Large Color Function Panel

A 10.5-inch color function panel equipped with a Web browser improves interface ability. Connection to an
internal or external network is possible for exchange of information or data.

Function panel

Setting functions
Spinning conditions Cop formation (one-touch setting for the number of bunch windings and back windings) Spindle speed control (easy pattern setting function, speed control pattern graph display) Ring plate movement Doffing conditions

Monitoring functions
Production volume (shift counter) Transition of efficiency for each shift History of running conditions for the last 24 hours Spindle speed, delivery speed, twists, and time to full bobbin Inverter/servo amplifier monitor Troubleshooting

Management functions
Setting condition memory function Memory card Maintenance schedule management function

Top menu Settings for traveler pre-conditioning Efficiency transition graph Troubleshooting
Top menu Settings for traveler pre-conditioning
operating mode
Efficiency transition graph Troubleshooting

High-Performance Doffing with the Stationary Cop Doffer (SCD)
  • The auto doffer reduces downtime to just 1 minute and 45 seconds.
  • Encoder control sets the bar position based on data input from the function panel. Preset bobbin lift positions make initial setup super easy.
  • An aluminum doffing bar provides the necessary rigidity, while its light weight puts less of a burden on the machine's moving parts.

How the SCD Works

Empty bobbin attaches to middle peg

Full bobbin attaches to peg tray

Empty bobbin attaches to spindle

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