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Spinning Machinery Floor

FL 200 Outstanding features

Outstanding productivity made possible by microcomputer control

  • Main motor drives flyers
  • Draft motor drives bottom rollers
  • Winding motor drives bobbins
  • Lifting motor drives bobbin rail

High-quality roving

A 10.4-inch, 2-language color function panel equipped with a Web browser improves interface ability. Connection to an internal or external network is possible for exchange of information or data, thereby expanding the capability of today’s spinning mills.
  • High-quality roving
  • Setting functions
  • Spinning conditions
  • Roving bobbin formation
  • Flyer speed control (automatic optimum pattern calculation, speed control pattern graph display)
  • Stop sequence operation, etc.
  • Monitoring functions
  • Production volume (shift counter)
  • Transition of efficiency for each shift NEW
  • History of running conditions for the last 24 hours NEW
  • Flyer speed, delivery speed, twists, and time to full bobbin
  • Inverter/servo amplifier monitor NEW
  • Troubleshooting, history NEW
  • Management functions
  • Setting condition memory function NEW
  • Memory card NEW
  • Maintenance schedule management function NEW

Color LCD touch-screen function panel simplifies input and monitoring

Running condition monitor Shift report Troubleshooting

Simple operation, easy maintenance

A test run is normally required when roving new yarn types and yarn counts to determine the amount of increase in the bobbin diameter and input to the roving frame. The FL200 has completely eliminated this troublesome operation: in addition to an automatic calculation function for bobbin diameter increase based on the database inherited from the FL100, we have added a new control feature that successively predicts and corrects the actual amount of increase in bobbin diameter based on continuously accumulated operational data. As a result, actual conditions can be determined with greater accuracy, consistently providing the optimum package size with the optimal tension without the need to do a roving test. In addition, the database itself is automatically updated based on actual operation. The more this learning function is used, the greater the consistency in the roving packages. Simple operation, easy maintenance
Simple operation, easy maintenance

Simple operation, easy maintenance

Learning function eliminates roving test runs and ensures consistent roving packages.

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