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Spinning Machinery Floor

DX8 Specifications

DX8 Main Specifications
Item DX8 DX8-LT
No. of deliveries 2
Fiber length 19 to 76 mm
Drafting system 5-over-4 with pressure bar
Draft range 4 to 10 times
Delivery speed Max. 1,000 m/min
Coiler can diameter 14" to 24"
Feed can diameter 20" to 40"
Auto leveler - T/G system
Sliver doublings 6 to 8
Pneumatics Rotating/floating system
Clearers Top roller Wiper bar
  Bottom roller Rubber pad
Creel Positive-rotation fluted roller system
Motors Main 15 kW (1,000 m/min)
  Pneumatic 1.5 kW
  Can replacement 0.4 kW
  Servo - 2 kW (two motors)

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