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DX8 Outstanding features

New Silver Pass

Optimization of all sections of the sliver pass (sliver supply, draft and coiling)
By optimizing all sections of the sliver pass, fibers can flow with maximum efficiency from the supply queue, to sliver weight measurement, widening, drafting and then onto coiling, thus delivering highly uniform, well drafted slivers of the highest quality.

New Precision Auto-Leveler

Highly responsive and accurate control of sliver weight correction
With a high-precision sensor and advanced CPU, any variations in the fed sliver weight are detected at the T&G measuring unit. Instantaneous control of the drafting drive is achieved using a low-noise, highly responsive servomotor and a new-model differential gear with outstanding follow-up performance, thus enabling extremely accurate corrections of sliver weight variations.

Multifunctional Monitoring System

A newly developed monitoring system that tracks productivity, sliver quality, maintenance data, downtime and a wide range of other data, allows you to easily search and apply any data whenever required. Moreover, the reference data functions and input functions can be separated by toggling a key switch, which helps to avoid accidental overwriting of data and offering improved data protection for more reliable operation.

1. Select any screen you want by selecting it from touchpanel

1. Displays the machine's operation conditions for easy confirmation

1. Displays the production and efficiency for each shift and each day (accumulative) to allow easy confirmation of performance

2. Key in numbers from the keypad to select the auto-leveller's settings

2. Displays any area that is causing machine disruption

2. Displays silver quality in real time during operation

3. Variable unit selection available to suit given usage conditions

3. Keeps record of the machine disruptions and allows conditions of the disruption to be confirmed

3. Displays an updated record for the quality of the last 4-hour, last 24-hour, and last week periods.

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