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Contributing to Innovation in the Textile Industry with Advanced Toyota Industries Skill and Creativity

The roots of the Toyota Group go back to the renowned Japanese inventor Sakichi Toyoda and his invention of the automatic loom. Since its founding, Toyota Industries' Textile Machinery Business has developed, manufactured, and sold textile machinery, the majority of which has been supplied to customers outside Japan. We manufacture two main categories of textile machinery: spinning machinery and weaving machinery. To keep up with the advancing needs of the market, we continuously incorporate the latest technological developments, including control technology, mechatronics and IT, into our textile machinery. We receive high praise from customers around the world as an international leader, especially for our flagship air-jet loom, which boasts the No.1 share in the industry, but also for spinning machinery such as our ring spinning frames and roving frames.

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Product Information

Spinning Machinery

Toyota Industries has developed a rich lineup of spinning machinery to meet the varied needs of our customers, including high-speed ring spinning frames and roving frames. We are working to combine the pursuit of great spinning performance to produce high-quality yarn, with reduced energy consumption into our product development.

RX300 (High-Speed Ring Spinning Frame) / FL200 (High-Speed Roving Frame)

Weaving Machinery

Toyota Industries develops and manufacturers air jet looms, which insert the weft yarn using air. We provide our customers all over the world with state-of-the-art weaving machinery that excels in speedy and reliable performance.

JAT810 (Air Jet Loom)

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