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43rd Tokyo Motor Show Press Briefing Summary

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  1. Key Concept of Exhibit
    OPEN 3E WORLD: We will change the future. Our technologies will underpin a smart mobility society.

    3E(Environment, Ecology & Energy)

    Toyota Industries Corporation will exhibit products and technologies that will help reduce environmental impact toward the realization of a smart mobility society, and explain these products and technologies in an easy-to-understand manner through stage presentations.

  2. Introduction of environmentally-friendly technologies
    Under the theme of “OPEN 3E WORLD,” we will introduce products and cutting-edge technologies that will help reduce environmental impact toward the realization of a smart mobility society.

    1) Initiatives towards electrification
    (1) Special platform for EV (Reference Exhibit)
    We will exhibit a special platform for EV, which will help realize a smart mobility society. This will be the first time our company will showcase a platform concept at the Tokyo Motor Show.
    The use of a practical structure and high-tensile strength steel sheets suitable for EVs has enhanced safety performance, and a reduction in the number of parts has decreased both the vehicle weight and cost. Furthermore, this EV platform has achieved unparalleled high levels of ease of getting in-and out, as well as comfort, by securing a driving space equivalent to that of an ordinary passenger car and a wide, flat, low-floor cabin space.
    In order to verify its practicality and ease-of-use, we will carry out field trials of the e-Porter EV based on this EV platform on public roads beginning in early 2014, and proceed with R&D efforts toward commercialization.
    (2) EV Powertrain Unit
    Integrating such functional parts as EV traction inverter and motor has resulted in a new-concept powertrain unitt—with an optimized parts assembly layout and reduced size and weight—that can be installed in a wide variety of EVs, from mini-vehicles to regular passenger cars.
    In the future, we will leverage cooling technology and electric drive system development capabilities in an effort to expand business in the field of powertrain units and systems.
    (3) Auxiliary devices such as DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters
    Since it was adopted in the first-generation Prius, our DC-DC converter has been installed in the second-generation Prius, the current generation Prius, and the Aqua, and has increased sales as the popularity of EVs has grown.
    Our DC-AC inverter, available in a wide range of models from 100W to 1,500W to suit regional and application needs, can be installed in a wide variety of vehicles all over the world.
    We will continue reducing size and improving efficiency to expand our business territory.
    (4) Electric compressor for car air conditioners
    We offer a series of electric compressors that fit PHVs, EVs as well as various grades of HVs.
    Our company's electric compressors are installed in all of Toyota Motor Corporation's EVs. With the EV market expanding, we are now receiving many inquiries from other carmakers that recognize our compressors' solid performance.
    As carmakers both inside and outside Japan accelerate EV development, we hope to expand our business size by making various improvements such as size reduction, weight reduction, and quieter operation.
    2)Initiatives towards energy savings and lighter weight
    (1) Plastic Glazing
    With an increasing need to reduce vehicle weight, we have been working to develop a plastic glazing, a new lightweight material that holds promise as a replacement for conventional glass.
    We will be showcasing a variety of plastic glazing products as reference exhibit. These include our plastic panoramic roof, which is being used in the Prius α (Prius v in North America and Prius + in Europe) and is the largest of its kind in the world. We will also exhibit a multi-function plastic roof, which has taken advantage of the shape design freedom of plastic to achieve a simple design and light weight by integrating such functional parts as collision avoidance cameras, solar cells and high-mount stop lamps, and a plastic glazing to meet abrasion resistance requirements to ensure driver visibility.
    Taking advantage of its light weight as well as the fact that the plastic glazing can be incorporated into a wide variety of designs because of its shape design freedom, we plan to develop a wide variety of products with the aim of increasing the number of vehicle models and parts that use plastic glazing.
    (2) Clean diesel engines for industrial equipment
    As mechanization advances in China and India, the industrial diesel engine market is expected to expand. At the same time, exhaust emission standards are being tightened in the industrial machinery field, increasing the need for improved fuel efficiency.
    The variable nozzle turbocharger with electronic control we began producing in August 2013 is the world's smallest turbocharger for use in diesel engines. Optimization of the turbine wheel, the compressor wheel, and the variable nozzle aperture has made supercharging possible across all range from low to high speed.
    *Based on a survey conducted by Toyota Industries Corporation
    In addition, by fitting this turbocharger to our newly developed 1KD diesel engine we have achieved a 43% reduction in displacement compared to the previous model.
    In closing
    We continue to develop many more technologies in a broad range of business fields, that will address social needs such as environmental preservation, high efficiency, and low cost, with the hope of helping cars evolve and bettering people's lives.

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