Toyota Brand

Moving into Worldwide Markets with Advanced Lift Trucks and Other Materials Handling Equipment

The Toyota brand’s lift trucks and other industrial vehicles, as well as its materials handling systems/equipment are highly trusted by our customers. In particular, our full lineup of both internal combustion and electric lift trucks ranging in capacity from 0.5 to over 40 tons have obtained top-class market share around the world thanks to their superior quality and functionality. In addition, our other industrial vehicles including skid steer loaders and tow tractors have also received high praise.
We also have an established reputation in the field of materials handling systems/equipment related to “conveyance”, “storage”, and “sorting”.
We will provide our customers with optimized materials handling solutions based on our wide range of advanced Toyota brand products and wealth of know-how and experience accumulated over many years of operation.

Product Information

Industrial Vehicles

Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Lift Trucks / Electric Lift Trucks / Other Industrial Vehicles / Environmental Equipment

Materials Handling Systems

Storage Equipment / Conveying Equipment / Sorting Equipment / Information Systems

* Toyota Industries' materials handling systems including but not limited to racks, automatic guided vehicles (AGV), automated storage and retrieval systems and hybrid lift trucks are sold only in Japan.

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