Other Products

Toyota Industries takes advantage of the technology and expertise that it has cultivated over the years, and develops and manufactures a variety of other products that excel in functionality and quality, including viscous type power heaters as well as components for fuel cell vehicles such as hydrogen circulation pumps and air compressors.

Fuel Cell Vehicles Products

FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) is driven by electric motor with electric generated chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen in the FC stack.

Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Air Compressor is supplying oxygen (Air) to FC stack efficiently with suctioning and compressing oxygen (Air). We could improve vehicle acceleration characteristic and vehicle cruising distance due to highly efficient air compression from a low flow rate to a high flow rate range by 6-lobes helical roots type compression mechanism (World 1st).

Pump type:6-lobes helical roots type
Maximum output:20kW
Maximum speed:12,500r/mim

Hydrogen Circulation Pump

Hydrogen Circulation Pump

Hydrogen Circulating Pump has a function of re-circulating hydrogen which has not been chemically reacted in the FC stack, for chemical reaction again.
This makes contribution for improving fuel economy, and elimination of humidifier due to FC stack humidification by circulating generated water.

Pump type:2-lobes straight roots type
Maximum output:430kW
Maximum speed:6,200r/mim

Viscous Type Power Heater

The viscous type power heater, jointly developed by Toyota Industries and DENSO Corporation, provides supplementary heat generation for engines that produce low heat levels. This product shortens the time required for the engine water temperature to rise and allows the vehicle cabin to be heated quickly. In addition to achieving miniaturization and low cost by means of simplified construction, the viscous heater also relies on a friction-free non-contact mechanism to guarantee high reliability and safety.

Viscous Type Power Heater [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø116-98mm
Heat generation:1.6kW

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