Fixed Displacement Type Compressors

Fixed displacement compressors have gained recognition as the standard for compressors due to their high reliability, small size, light weight, and high efficiency. The three available variations of swash plate type, scroll type, and vane type mean that this category of compressors can provide flexible responses for a variety of needs.

Swash Plate Type

In addition to providing the most robust set of features, the main fixed displacement compressor type, swash plate compressors; also provide small size, light weight, high efficiency, and high reliability. The variety of displacement sizes available in the product lineup means that this type of compressor is suited to a wide variety of uses, and swash plate compressors have been adopted all over the world in applications including compact cars and minivans, large busses, and construction equipment.
*Toyota Industries began mass production of the world's first 10-cylinder swash plate compressor in 1981.

10SRE13 10SRE13 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø92x180mm
Discharge capacity:125cc
10SRE18 10SRE18 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø109x146mm
Discharge capacity:177cc
10SRE20 10SRE20 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø109x158mm
Discharge capacity:198cc
10P30 10P30 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø142x192mm
Discharge capacity:300cc

Vane Type

Vane type compressors have a simple construction and are perfect for use in applications where a compressor with a very small size and lightweight design are required. They are primarily used in light automobiles.

SV07 SV07 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø89x109mm
Discharge capacity:70cc

Scroll Type

Scroll type compressors make use of scroll characteristics to excel in quiet and efficient operation. This category of compressors has achieved improved functionality and ease-of-manufacture by adopting our proprietary revolving mechanism and an integrated shell/scroll construction. They are primarily used in light and compact automobiles.

SCS06 SCS06 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø104x155mm
Discharge capacity:60cc

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