Electrically-Driven Compressors

    • Electric compressors are compressors that are equipped with a built-in motor.
      The built-in motor can still operate even when the vehicle's engine is stopped allowing for better fuel efficiency and continued use of the air conditioner for a comfortable cabin temperature even during an idling stop.
      *Toyota Industries began production of electric compressors for use in electric cars in 1997.

ES14 ES14 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø109x185 mm
Weight:4.6 kg
Discharge capacity:14 cc
ES27 ES27 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø109x197 mm
Weight:5.9 kg
Discharge capacity:27 cc
ESA27 ESA27 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø109x203 mm
Weight:6.0 kg
Discharge capacity:27 cc
ES34 ES34 [Specifications]
Dimensions (barrel diameter x length):Ø109×226 mm
Weight:6.6 kg
Discharge capacity:34 cc

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