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April 4, 2013
Toyota Industries Reaches 10-million Mark for Cumulative Production of
DC-AC Inverters for Automobiles
Growing Demand Centered on the North American Market, and Expectations for Future
Markets in Emerging Countries
1,500W DC-AC Inverter
1,500W DC-AC Inverter

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO; Tetsuro Toyoda, President) has reached cumulative production of 10 million DC-AC inverters for automobiles as of March 2013.

A DC-AC inverter is an on-board power source component that makes it possible to use home appliances by converting the on-board battery's direct current (DC) voltage to alternating current (AC) voltage, and this item improves the convenience and comfort of automobiles. TICO was the first company in the world to develop DC-AC inverters and has been producing them since 1995.
Currently, TICO supplies DC-AC inverters across the world and its product lineup covers from 100W to 1,500W of electric power output to cater to different regions and applications.

Demand for this equipment is particularly growing in the North American market as it helps make hours in the vehicle more comfortable. DC-AC inverters have been adopted by various automakers, with the focus mainly on SUVs. The 100W to 150W-type for North America is used as a source of electricity for portable devices such as smartphones, DVD players and video game consoles. The 400W-type has enough power to support electric tools, and is installed in large vehicles such as pickup trucks.

In recent years hybrid vehicles have become more widespread. Consequently, needs related to high-power types with an output of up to 1,500W—using high-capacity batteries—are growing for Japanese hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Home appliances with high power consumption can be used by connecting them to power outlets inside the vehicle, so these inverters are useful emergency power sources during times of disaster.

DC-AC inverters are a type of equipment that supports a wide range of car lifestyles spanning from business to leisure and it is expected that future demand for this product will increase worldwide, including in emerging nations.

TICO, as the pioneering manufacturer of this product, will further expand its lineup as well as work to develop products that are smaller, lighter, and more efficient in order to fulfill the needs of users.

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