Financial Results

For the Period Ended March 2002, Financial results

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Cover page
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Cautionary Statement with Respect to Forward-Looking Statements
PDF[7KB/1 page]
Consolidated Financial Results for FY2002
PDF[20KB/1 page]
Overview of Associated Companies
PDF[11KB/1 page]
Management Policies
PDF[12KB/2 pages]
Business Results and Financial Position
PDF[16KB/2 pages]
Consolidated Balance Sheets
PDF[24KB/2 pages]
Consolidated Statements of Income
PDF[14KB/1 page]
Consolidated Statements of Shareholders' Equity
PDF[12KB/1 page]
Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
PDF[16KB/1 page]
Basis of Presenting Consolidated Financial Statements
PDF[15KB/2 pages]
Segment Information
PDF[23KB/2 pages]
Breakdown of Consolidated Net Sales
PDF[9KB/1 page]
Lease Transactions
PDF[12KB/2 pages]
Transaction with Related Parties
PDF[13KB/1 page]
Marketable Securities
PDF[8KB/1 page]
Derivative Transaction
PDF[6KB/1 page]


Non-consolidated Financial Results for FY2002
PDF[21KB/1 page]
Non-consolidated Balance Sheets
PDF[24KB/2 pages]
Non-consolidated Statements of Income
PDF[14KB/1 page]
Proposed Appropriation of Non-consolidated Retained Earnings
PDF[9KB/1 page]
Lease Transactions / Marketable Securities
PDF[10KB/1 page]
Changes in members of the Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors
PDF[6KB/1 page]
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