IR Inquiries

Inquiries about Related Businesses

For inquiries related to textile machinery

For inquiries related to textile machinery, please use the “Ask Toyota” form in the Cyber Mill, our textile machinery virtual showroom. More detailed information about textile machinery is available at the Cyber Mill.

Other Businesses

For inquiries related to other areas of Toyota Industries' business, please use the Mail Box.

Internet Inquiries

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please view this FAQ, a collection of answers to our investors' most frequently asked questions.

Online Inquiry Form

Feel free to use the Online Inquiry Form to make inquiries of comments related to investor relations.

Mail Inquiries

For inquiries by mail, please write to the following address:
Investor Relations Office or Public Affairs Department
2-1, Toyoda-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi-ken 448-8671 Japan

After receiving an inquiry

  • Depending upon the nature of the inquiry, the response may take the form of a letter, telephone call, or faxed document. At that time, we will make use of the information you provided.
  • Please be aware that it may take some time to process your inquiry. Inquiries received on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, the end or the beginning of the year, or any other company holiday will be processed on or after the next working day.
Please refrain from reproducing, in whole or in part, any response you may receive from Toyota Industries.

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