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Heartful Club

The Heartful Club is a volunteer organization that was founded in 1997 with the aim of building a more compassionate society.
The club is comprised of some 230 current and former employees of TICO and its Group companies, all of whom have a strong desire to be involved in volunteer efforts.
The Social Contribution Group promotes the club within the company to recruit more members and helps run club activities.

Short opening speeches given by facilitators at individual TICO plants at the Heartful Club General Assembly, an annual gathering of club members, company advisors, and others
The Social Welfare Festival, one of the regular events that is planned and run primarily by members of the Heartful Club

Smile-You Net Volunteer Information Site

In order to support our employees' voluntary participation in social contribution activities, information about volunteer activities, lectures and learning courses are provided to all employees through the company intranet. In addition, nine Toyota Group companies also jointly run the Smile-You Net volunteer information site, which is designed to encourage volunteer activities among group employees. The site is jointly operated with community activity centers run by non-profit organizations in Aichi Prefecture, and provides our employees with up-to-date local information.

Go to the Smile-You Net site

Volunteer Support Center

Address: 5-14-9 Kumano-cho, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture

The Heartful Volunteer Support Center opened in May of 2008 to serve a variety of functions, including (1) assistance for a variety of independently planned programs promoted by the club's Social Contribution Group; (2) serving as a hub for collaborative activities with non-profit organizations, members of the Toyota Group, and others; and (3) supporting the independent volunteer activities of individual TICO employees.
The various activities that make use of the center contribute to the local community, and it is also designed as a welcoming environment where anyone can casually drop in and interact with others on a daily basis.

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