Social Contribution Activity Policies

Basic Perspective

At Toyota Industries, we have always been guided by our founder's vision to "contribute to society and the world through monozukuri (manufacturing)." As it is the individual members of our company who bear the responsibility of this social contribution, we are all committed to carrying out these activities in line with the Toyota Industries CSR Policy and Code of Conduct.

CSR Policy

Wherever we do business, we actively promote and engage, both individually and with partners, in social contribution activities that help strengthen communities and contribute to the enrichment of society.

Code of Conduct

Social contribution activities

We actively promote cooperative support activities with the objective of contributing to local communities and raising employee awareness through the provision of human resources, facilities, funds, and expertise.
Each of our employees also endeavors to be of service to the community through such means as volunteer activities-thus deepening their interest in social issues.

Building Trust in Local Communities

Toyota Industries works to establish open lines of communication with the communities it serves in order to demonstrate its commitment to a wide range of social contribution activities that benefit local communities, focusing its efforts on social welfare, youth development, and environmental conservation.

Social Contribution Promotion Structure

We established the Social Contribution Group as a dedicated organization within the General Administration Department at the Head Office. We promote a variety of initiatives through this group, including planning and implementing programs in various fields, educational activities to raise employee awareness, logistical support for volunteer activities spearheaded by independent groups of employees organized by supervisory level or individual employees within the company, and activities that promote communication with local communities. We have also organized the Social Contribution Subcommittee under the CSR Committee. This subcommittee deliberates with relevant departments on the format and specific details of social contribution plans.

The Toyota Industries Heartful Club is an employee-led volunteer organization that was established in 1997. Its members are current and former employees of Toyota Industries and its subsidiaries, as well as their families. These members work together with the aim of building a more compassionate society while building a wider network of personal friendships.
The Heartful Volunteer Support Center opened its doors in 2008 and is used as a hub of social contribution activities, including independently planned events, collaborative projects with non-profit organizations (NPOs), informal gatherings with local residents, and more.

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