Domestic Group Companies

Buffet lunches event for kids in foster homes

In August 2012, Shine's Co., Ltd.(Shine's) collected enough donations from employee volunteers to invite 23 children from the Kaze no Iro foster home in the town of Higashiura to a buffet lunch. On the day of the event, the restaurant staff were introduced, each child was given a sweet as a gift, and all the participants had fun eating and interacting together. Shine's began supporting the children at Kaze no Iro in 2011 and have participated in many different activities since then, including sending the children seasonal sushi rolls and participating in the bean-throwing tradition during the Setsubun festivities, bringing in cakes prepared by employee volunteers on Christmas, and more.

Wanbishi Archives
Supporting sales from a facility for the disabled

Wanbishi Archives Co., Ltd.(Wnabishi Archives) is working with the non-profit organization Minato Jigyodan to sell bread baked at vocational facilities for the disabled at its offices every month and boost sales for the organization. The company employees love the Wanbishi Bakery, which they have affectionately dubbed "Wanpan" (pan is the word for bread in Japanese). The Wanbishi staff flock to the bakery every month to purchase the bread when it goes on sale.
As soon as Wanbishi headquarters started announcing its support activities on its intranet website, it created a chain reaction at its other offices-who began selling the bread at their facilities as well. The disability support group that was working with Wanbishi suggested that the company also start collecting aluminum cans and wire hangers to support the facility, further expanding the scope of the company's assistance.

Asahi Security
Bottle cap collection activities

Asahi Security Co., Ltd.(Asahi Security) has been promoting plastic "eco cap" collection activities since January 2010. The company's Tokyo headquarters and nationwide offices have set up collection boxes next to vending machines and in employee cafeteria to collect the caps, which are then sold through the non-profit organization Ecocap Movement for proceeds that are donated to the Japan Committee Vaccines for the World's Children NPO. Although the activities suffered from low awareness at the beginning, they have gradually taken hold and now all departments at Asahi Security are actively participating. In the first year the collection drive resulted in 200,000 caps, and the total for three years is now up to 730,000.

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