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Street fundraising

Volunteer teams from Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc. (MACI), a company that makes compressor for automotive air conditioners, go to shopping centers crowded with people during the Christmas season to collect donations for the needy. The Salvation Army* bell-ringing activity, which has become a staple of the Christmas season, is just one of the many different programs led by the non-governmental organization in over 100 countries around the world.

* The Salvation Army is a UN non-governmental organization (originally a Christian group) that seeks to promote social welfare, education, medical care, and more in 124 countries around the world.

Support for charitable organizations

Thelift truck distributor Toyota Material Handling Australia Pty Limited (TMHA) supports a charitable organization called Save Our Sons, which collects money to fund medical research for children suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The organization launched several programs during the 2012 fiscal year with the aim of raising 10 million dollars for the cause. Among these, TMHA was the primary sponsor for a huge charity poker tournament that attracted more than 700 players.

Environmental conservation

The employees at the lift truck distributor Toyota Material Handling Romania s.r.l. work with local volunteer groups to support environmental conservation activities in their country-specifically, by picking up trash from the forests located on the outskirts of Bucharest. The company pays to transport the trash from the site and supplies gloves, masks, trash bags, and other materials to help make the activities a success.

Supporting the physically disabled

India's auto parts and textile machinery manufacturer Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd. (KTTM) lent its support to the marathon held by the EnAble India* group in May 2012 to support employment opportunities for the physically disabled. KTTM donated 100 T-shirts advertising the event.

* EnAble India is a volunteer group that works to improve quality of life for those with physical disabilities by creating employment opportunities for them.

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