Social Welfare

Social Welfare Festival at "Shine's"

Every year, in collaboration with the Kariya City Social Welfare Council, we invite people with disabilities and their families from Kariya City to our welfare facility, "Shine's". The guests at this event are given a chance to interact more closely with women's associations and other local volunteer groups as well as employee volunteers. This annual event has been held since 1993 as a way to get participants and volunteers to simply enjoy themselves. The festival is primarily run by the members of Toyota Industries' volunteer group the Heartful Club, who carry out a rich variety of programs that include stage performances by members from participating local welfare facilities, music and magic shows performed by special guests, communal lunches, and more. Thanks to the support of so many volunteers, this event is now a beloved community fixture-a place where members of the disabled community can simply relax and have fun.

Clam-digging Excursions

Every spring since 1998, Toyota Industries has been inviting disabled community members from a local welfare facility near our plant to go on a clam-digging excursion. The event gives participants a precious opportunity to go out to the shore and enjoy the natural environment. Students from our Technical Training School as well as current and former employee volunteers set up tents, provide wheelchair assistance, and offer other means of support to make sure that everyone has a safe and fun experience. Facility members and volunteers enjoy each other's company in a natural setting as they dig for clams together.

Harvest Festival

Toyota Industries and Aisin Seiki Corporation have been teaming up every spring and autumn since 1998 to invite residents at local welfare facilities to the Suigen Fureai Farm in Anjo City for a community event. The festival provides an opportunity for volunteers from both companies to interact with disables members of the community as part of corporate citizenship activities. The volunteers get involved in planting and cultivating seedlings for the future harvest and on the day of the event support disabled community members in participating in farming firsthand. The event is an enjoyable interactive activity for all.

Supporting the Charity Bazaar

We team up with seven TICO Group companies in Kariya City to support a bazaar event held by local welfare facilities and groups. We ask every employee to donate at least one item for the bazaar, and end up collecting more than two thousand items every year. The bazaar items are donated to local welfare facilities and groups to be used in holding their event. We hope that our ongoing participation in this activity helps spark a stronger awareness of the importance of social contribution in more of our employees and serves as a springboard for wider community participation.

Choco Bora Fundraising Campaign

As a part of social contribution activities by the entire TICO Group and its business partners, Toyota Industries run a charity coin drive called the Choco Bora Fundraising Campaign. "Choco Bora" roughly translates to "a tiny bit of volunteerism", and asks everyone to contribute their change (10 yen, 5 yen, or even 1 yen) under the concept of "start locally, start by doing what you can". Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the companies involved, the employees gladly donate nearly a million yen annually to be used to give groups such as the elderly and the disabled better lives as well as to support reconstruction efforts in disaster areas.

Supporting Sales from Facilities for the Disabled

In order to promote independence among those who take advantage of welfare facilities for the disabled, Toyota Industries allows these facilities to sell their bread and cookie products in its plant cafeteria. The company also offers the facilities an opportunity to set up sales booths at its corporate events, such as its annual summer festival or marathon relay. The goal is to support more frequent interaction between disabled members of the community and TICO employees and their families. In addition, the profits from their sales supported by TICO help provide critical operational funding for these welfare facilities.

Cleaning and Gardening at Welfare Facilities

One of our ongoing volunteer activities involves having our Team Leaders Associations, which consist of young leaders from our manufacturing departments, visit welfare facilities in the cities and towns where TICO plants are located. There, they pitch in wherever the facility needs help-cleaning rooms, planting trees, weeding gardens, and so on. Each year, facility residents respond warmly to the volunteers, expressing their deep gratitude for the assistance with daily tasks that they can never seem to get around to doing. The number of facilities they support increases each year, and lively cooperation among the associations at different plants helps forge bonds of friendship among members as they all roll up their sleeves for a common cause.

Supporting the Special Olympics

Toyota Industries wholeheartedly supports the mission of the Special Olympics and offers its athletic fields, gymnasiums, and employee volunteers to the organization to help support athlete training. Our independent Team Leaders Associations have also begun helping out with organizing and running Special Olympic competitions.

Note: The Special Olympics is an organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities by giving them the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic training and competition events. The organization strives to offer ongoing international athletic opportunities that encourage social skills and more personal interaction with other Special Olympic athletes and the wider community.

Supporting the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra

Since 2000, we have been working in collaboration with seven Toyota Group companies located in Kariya City to support the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra's staging of a public welfare benefit concert called Box Seats Full of Dreams. Residents from welfare facilities and groups throughout the communities where these companies are located are invited to join the event, which gives members of the disabled community an opportunity to relax and enjoy classical music in a casual setting. Some of the seats are cleared from the hall in order to allow those in wheelchairs a great view of the performances, which include familiar selections and easy-to-understand explanations of the instruments and musical pieces by the conductor. Staff members from the participating companies also attend on the day of the event and work with the Nagoya Philharmonic administration in each area to help run the concerts.

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