Coexistence with Local Communities

Participation in the Kariya Mando Festival

Every July, we participate in a traditional summer event called the Kariya Mando Festival along with local residents from the Kuma District, which is adjacent to our Kariya Plant. The festival has been designated by Aichi Prefecture as an intangible folklore cultural asset.
In preparation for the festival, children from the Kuma District work to repair the small lanterns, while members of the Monozukuri Club at the Toyota Industries Technical Training School take the lead in building and repairing the large lanterns, applying paint and repapering them to ensure that they look energetic and bold for the festival.
On the day of the event, the members carry the refurbished large and small lanterns while parading through the town as the children provide musical accompaniment. It is our hope that by participating in the repair work, musical training, and other festival activities, we can deepen our relationships with members of the local community as we help bring life and energy to the traditional culture of Kariya City.

Participation in Local Sports Festivals

Our company rugby team, the Toyota Industries Shuttles, has been participating in local parent-child sports festivals since 2010 as a way to interact with members of the community and promote athletics. About 20 rugby players show up on the day of the festival to take part in tug-of-war, relays, and other events with the local people for a day of fun and personal interaction. They also hold a rugby clinic that gets children to enjoy sports while learning how to pass and perform other techniques. The Shuttles are also active in other social contribution activities, which they use to build strong bonds of trust with the people of the community.

Local Environmental Beautification Activities

Every autumn we take advantage of our lunch breaks and conduct a company-wide environment beautification campaign to clean up the areas surrounding each of our domestic plants. We also call on our group companies to participate, bringing in some 5000 employee volunteers each year. In addition, our Manager's Councils, groups of employees organized by supervisory level, and the Toyota Industries Council of Retired Employees (an organization comprised of retired TICO employees), take part in cleanup events in the areas around public facilities, including parks and train stations. Furthermore, under the Adopt-an-Area Program, citizens and businesses apply to the local government to "adopt" a certain public area, and then carry out regular cleaning and beautification activities there. Our Manager's Councils and employee volunteers sign up for this program and carry out cleanup activities.

Community Meeting

We hold community meetings with local residents for the purpose of sharing information about and finding possible solutions to various local problems. The participants in the meetings are representatives from the local community and also from the related departments at our company, such as the General Administration Dept. and the Environment Dept. When necessary, local government officers in charge may also attend the discussions. Opinions are exchanged on various topics, including our business activities and the associated environmental risks, community events, crime and disaster prevention, and traffic safety.

Crime Prevention Patrol Activities

As a part of crime prevention activities in close cooperation with the local community, we have designated all dates that contain the numeral five as a "patrol day" when our employees volunteer for crime prevention patrol activities as one of many of the company's long-standing community-based activities. TICO employees also participate in year-end patrols in cooperation with the local police force and community crime prevention patrol groups with the aim of working together with residents to keep our towns safe.

Traffic Safety Activities

As an automotive-related manufacturer, Toyota Industries is aiming to achieve the goal of "zero traffic accidents". Based on the concept of "promoting traffic safety activities as a positive example to society", we actively put effort into providing traffic safety-related educational programs and cooperating with community in traffic safety activities. During national traffic safety campaigns, our executives and employees work with the community, local government agencies, and other members of the Toyota Group to promote traffic safety-including participating in roadside traffic safety patrols.

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