Our Initiatives

We actively promote social contribution activities that hinge on three core concepts: Social welfare, youth development, and environmental conservation.

Three Core Areas

Social Welfare

We want to be a part of making our communities healthy and vibrant for all people. Our social welfare events are designed to increase supportive interaction among people and between people and the natural environment.

Youth Development

It is our wish that the youth of today enrich their minds and hearts so that they may become effective leaders in the next generation. We hold events such as monozukuri (manufacturing) events in conjunction with the Youth Invention Clubs, mini concert visits, and more.

Environmental Conservation

We encourage the use of domestically thinned lumber, have our employees participate in forest conservation activities, support cleanup projects on the streets around our plants and more to help contribute to a more sustainable society.


Other Wide-ranging Activities

Toyota Industries is also active in cooperative international projects, cultural and artistic pursuits, and a wide variety of other social contribution activities in addition to those in the three core areas listed above.

Coexistence with Local Communities

We make communicating with regional citizens one of our top priorities, carrying out our activities with the aim of making these local communities a better place.

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