Reduction of VOC Emissions

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) such as toluene and xylene are discharged during the product paint processes in Toyota Industries' plants.
VOCs raise health concerns since they may chemically react with ultraviolet rays and be converted into compounds that are hazardous to respiratory organs.


Summary VOC Emissions (Production Activities)

Under the Fifth Plan, we set a target to attain emission volume per unit of production below 24 g/m2 for

volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the vehicle body painting process and undertook activities

accordingly. Solvents contained in paint are a major source of VOC emissions. Thus, our efforts have been focusing on increasing the recovery rate of thinner, a solvent, and improving coating efficiency through optimization of spray nozzles’ discharge pressure and amount. These ongoing efforts helped us achieve the fiscal 2013 target.

Total VOC Emissions and VOC Emissions per Net Sales

Total VOC Emissions and VOC Emissions per Net Sales

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