Reduction in the volume of CO2 Emissions

To Establish a low-carbon emission society, we set the prevention of global warming as our highest priority and seek to minimize our CO2 emissions by means of reducing the energy consumption of all our business operations.



Summary CO2 Emissions (Production Activities)

Under the Fifth Plan, we set out to achieve a target of reducing total non-consolidated CO2 emissions from production activities by 10% in fiscal 2013 compared with the fiscal 1991 level. We successfully reached this target as a result of our steady, ongoing efforts, including activities to save power during summer and reduce peak power load, which started in fiscal 2012, as well as activities to visualize energy loss in fiscal 2013. Globally, our target was to achieve ecoefficiency of 1.15 (using fiscal 2006 as the base year), and we attained a significantly better result than the defined target.

Energy-Derived CO2 Emissions

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