Reduction of Waste

To establish a recycling-based society, we seek to minimize our resource consumption and to implement production activities that reduce the amount of unwanted substances.


Summary Waste Generation Volume (Production Activities)

Our fiscal 2013 eco-efficiency targets in the area of waste generation volume under the Fifth Plan were 1.12 on a non-consolidated basis and 1.13 for Toyota Industries and its consolidated subsidiaries in Japan (fiscal 2006 as the base year). Since fiscal 2010, personnel in charge of waste-related matters in each plant and their counterparts in the Purchasing Department of the Head Office have been holdingmeetings to exchange information on waste, share the information on waste reduction efforts at each plant and consider joint reduction efforts among plants. We also support waste reduction activities of our consolidated subsidiaries in and outside Japan by actively sharing best practices throughout the Group.

In fiscal 2013, liquidation of one consolidated subsidiary in Japan resulted in a lower eco-efficiency than in the previous fiscal year. Regardless, we successfully achieved fiscal 2013 targets set under the Fifth Plan, both for Toyota Industries on a nonconsolidated basis and for Toyota Industries and its consolidated subsidiaries in Japan.

Waste Generation Volume

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