Soil and Underground Water

In the past, Toyota Industries used the organic chlorine compound trichloroethylene as a cleanser and degreasing agent, but abolished its use in June 1984 before it was designated as a harmful substance under the Water Pollution Control Law in 1989.
In 1994, a provisional policy regarding soil and underground water was enacted by the Environment Agency (currently the Ministry of the Environment), whereby plants with a record of using this substance were required to proactively investigate the state of pollution by carrying out soil analysis and installing observation wells.

Measures to Prevent Soil Contamination

At our company, in order to prevent the occurrence of soil contamination, measures such as double wall construction and the visualization of leaks, etc. for underground pits, underground storage tanks, and oil grooves have been implemented at all relerant facilities. Similar measures will also be adopted at any newly constructed facilities, including the use of aboveground pipes and double wall construction as standard features.

Soil contamination prevention measures

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