Measures to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Distribution

Toyota Industries has actively promoted activities to reduce the environmental impact associated with its logistic operation. The environmental impact associated with logistic operation includes depletion of natural resources, global warming, and air pollution caused by fuel consumption and exhaust gas. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of the logistic operation.

We have set out the target of reducing total non-consolidated CO2 emissions and packaging materials them  from logistics, and have promoted following activities.

(1) Promote the modal shift

(2) Improve loading efficiency by our own stacking system

(3) Improve the transportation efficiency of parts logistics

(4) Reduce environmental impacts by package modification such as simplification

Efficiency of the transpotation through the Distribution Center

The Company established the Distribution Center in Ichinomiya(FY2001) and in Nagoya(FY2011), Aichi Prefecture. The distribution system has been changed to one in which parts procured from different suppliers are collected at the Distribution Center and are then trucked to the appropriate plants. As a result, 72 transport trucks used for procurement has been reduced.

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