Development of Environmentally-Friendly Lift Trucks

Internal combustion lift truck “GENEO (8FG/D)”

Internal combustion lift truck

The newest model internal combustion lift truck “GENEO (8FG/D)” now comes equipped as standard with an electronically controlled fuel injection system and a three-way catalytic muffler. Compared to our previous model lift truck, CO emissions have been cut by nearly 57%, and NOx and HC emissions have been reduced nearly 99%. Thanks to these improvements the exhaust gasses are cleaner and they already meet the new exhaust gas emissions standards for gasoline powered vehicles*1.
Also, the use of an electronically controlled throttle has reduced fuel consumption by nearly 15%, which greatly improves the environmental performance.

In addition, operating noise has been reduced through the adoption of sound insulation and absorption measures, as well as a mechanism to prevent fork operating noise. Improvements to the paints used and the use of lead-free solder have lead to huge reductions in lead and hexavalent chromium. In every respect this is an environmentally-friendly product that should contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts throughout its lifecycle.


*1 2007 Japanese domestic special vehicle exhaust gas emission regulations

Amount of CO emissions/Amount of NOx & HC emissions/Comparison of the fuel consumption amounts

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