Development of Printed Circuit Boards with Lead-Free Solder

Printed circuit board for a lift truck

Printed circuit board for a lift truck

These days, as environmental problems come to the forefront of our attention, the electronics industry is also undertaking various initiatives with an aim to promote environmental protection. One of the biggest problems is the use of lead as soldering material in printed circuit boards (a board printed with electronic circuits) used in products such as home appliances, industrial equipment, and automobiles. Lead has traditionally been used as soldering material in printed circuit boards. However, if the lead of discarded printed circuit boards in landfills is dissolved by acid rain, it can pollute rivers and underground water, possibly becoming mixed in drinking water.

Vehicle-mounted equipment, is often operated in a harsh environment, and is behind home appliances in terms of eliminating the use of lead in its parts. However, Toyota Industries began participating in Toyota Group lead-free programs in 1996. In January 2001, we inaugurated our own company-wide lead free project, starting activities and efforts to eliminate lead thoroughly. In 2003, we started off by eliminating lead from some printed circuit boards used in the lift trucks that we manufacture. While striving to meet our customers' needs, we will continue to promote the elimination of lead from our products.

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