Product Initiatives

Environmental legislation toward products is continually being strengthened, therefore we are taking the initiative to develop product technologies that will anticipate and meet future legislative requirements in advance.

Environmentally Friendly Product Efforts
Environmentally Friendly Product Certification System
Products Certified as Environmentally Friendly
Textile Machinery
LCA (Life Cycle Assessments) for Textile Machinery
Car Air-Conditioning Compressors
Development of a Series of Electric Compressors
Materials Handling Equipment
Development of Environmentally-Friendly Lift Trucks
Development of Plastic Glazing that Contribute to Vehicle Weight Reduction
Development of Low Exhaust Emissions Diesel Engines
Electronics Equipment
DC-DC Converters that will Contribute to the Fuel Efficiency of Hybrid Vehicles
Development of Printed Circuit Boards with Lead-Free Solder
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Giving Priority to the Purchase of Parts and Materials that Have a Low Environmental Impact

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