Group-wide Management

Toyota Industries feels that environmental protection efforts should go beyond the parent company, and should cover the entire Group, including our subsidiaries.
We are promoting group-wide environmental management activities by offering extensive support to subsidiaries for constructing their environmental management systems and launched environmental management programs based on the Environmental Action Plans.

Requirements for Subsidiaries of Toyota Industries

Classification Requirements
Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification at new production bases
Setting environmental targets
Amount of SOCs contained in products, LCA
Amount of CO2 emissions
Zero landeill waste
Amount of environmental pollutants emitted, etc.
Sales Consolidated Set a goal for the environmental management system (recommend acquiring ISO 14001 certification)

Require the following of logistics related firms:
Acquire environmental management system certification
Global warming countermeasures (reduced CO2 emissions)

Scope of Group-Wide Environmental Management

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Scope of Group-Wide Environmental Management

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