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5th Action Plan (FY2012 - FY2016)

When an eye to achieving a sustainable society that provides a prosperous life in harmony with the natural environment, we have devised the "Fifth Environmental Action plan" for the period from fiscal 2012 to 2016.
The “Fifth Environmental Action Plan’’ will promote four core themes that we have identified as its environmental priorities. These themes are considered to be essential future issues and will encompass a broad range of increasingly important environmental concerns.

(1) Constructing a low-carbon society
(2) Constructing a recycling-based society
(3) Reducing environmental risk and constructing a society in harmony with nature
(4) Promotion of environmental management

Key Points of the 5th Environmental Action Plan

Constructing a Low-Carbon Society
Promotion of CO2 emissions reduction through improved product efficiency
Achieve a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to FY2011 levels for all main products in the market by FY2016
Thorough reduction of CO2 emissions in manufacturing activities
Reduce CO2 emissions by 18% compared to FY2006 levels by FY2016
Constructing a Recycling-based Society
Product design that contributes to resource circulation by incorporating the concept of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
Reduction in the amount of resources used through improved yield rate
Reducing Environmental Risk and Constructing a Society in Harmony with Nature
Minimization of environmental risks through the appropriate management of chemicals and reduction of drainage risk
Promotion of Environmental Management
Enhancement of CO2 emission reduction activities aimed at “CO2 Cancel”
Assessment of effects on biodiversity, and approach towards biodiversity
Development of environmental personnel, and enhancement of environmental awareness activities

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— Realize "CO2 Cancel" in FY2016 —

“CO2 Cancel” means to offset CO2 emissions from production activities at plant by reducing CO2 emissions through improved product efficiency on use. This concept is included as a new target in the Fifth Environmental Action Plan as one of our unique ideas on CO2 reduction.

We investigated the degree of contribution by developed product about CO2 emission improvement and established calculation fomula to compensate CO2 emission at production in FY2013. Based on it, we have detarmined the target to achieve "CO2 Cancel" in FY2016.

Moreover, after achievement of   “CO2 Cancel” we promote activity for a further high aim including the double cancellation.

Image of Co2 cancel

[conceptual diagram]

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