ISO 14001 Certification

Toyota Industries and it's consolidated subsidiaries have made considerable progress in acquiring ISO 14001 certification. The current status of certification is shown below.

Category Company/Facility Location Certification Date
Domestic Consolidated EMS Affiliates Tokyu Co., Ltd. Aichi November 2001
Nishina Industrial Co., Ltd. Nagano January 2002
Tokaiseiki Co., Ltd. Shizuoka March 2002
Nagao Kogyo Co., Ltd. Aichi October 2002
Taikoh Transportation Co., Ltd. Aichi November 2002
Unica Co., Ltd. Aichi November 2002
Izumi Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. Aichi December 2002
Altex Co., Ltd. Shizuoka September 2003
Miduho Industry Co., Ltd. Aichi September 2003
Hara Corporation Gifu January 2004
Iwama Loom Works, Ltd Aichi April 2004
SKM CORPORATION Aichi March 2004
Aichi Corporation Saitama July 2004
TOYOTA L&F Shizuoka Co., Ltd. Shizuoka July 2004
TOYOTA L&F Tokyo Co., Ltd. Tokyo August 2004
TOYOTA L&F Kinki Co., Ltd.*3 Osaka October 2004*4
TOKAI KOUUN Co., Ltd. Aichi October 2004
Auto Service Taikoh Co.,Ltd. Aichi October 2005
Sun Valley Inc. Aichi November 2005
Sun River Co., Ltd. Osaka March 2006
TOYOTA L&F Akita Co., Ltd. Akita March 2009
HANDA Casting Company Aichi September 2009
Advanced Logistics Solutions Co., Ltd. Aichi May 2012 *5
Overseas Consolidated EMS Companies Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg., Inc. USA June 1999
Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc USA June 1999
The Raymond Corporation USA February 2001
Raymond-Muscatine Inc. USA September 2004
North Vernon Industry Corporation USA June 2005
TD Automotive Compressor Georgia, LLC USA March 2011
BT Products AB Sweden November 1997
Toyota Industrial Equipment, S.A France January 2001
Kirloskar Toyoda Textile Machinery Ltd. India January 2002
TD Deutsche Klimakompressor GmbH Germany March 2002
Toyota Industrial (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. China October 2001
TD Automotive Compressor Kunshan, Co., Ltd. China January 2008
CESAB Carrelli Elevatori S.p.A. Italy May 2006
Cascade Corporation USA
December 2007
Cascade Corporation USA
Spring Field
May 2008
Cascade Corporation USA
January 2008
Cascade Corporation USA
Warner Robins
May 2008
Previously, Toyota Industries acquired ISO14001 certification independently at respective plants, however, in fiscal 2009, it acquired Company-wide integration of ISO14001 certification by expansion of the ISO scope of its Nagakusa plant.
It indicates the time that the Nagakusa plant acquired ISO14001 certification first in our company.
Toyota L&F Osaka and Toyota L&F Keiji merged to form Toyota L&F Kinki on July, 2011.
It indicates Toyota L&F Osaka's certification date as it acquired first.
A part of the ISO scope of Toyota Industries.

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