Environmental Activities

Aiming to Achieve Compatibility between Environmental Conservation and Economic Development

The Toyota Industries Group, by means of our products and services, is undertaking daily business activities to contribute to the world's economic development and the creation of healthy communities. Throughout all of our business activities we always consider environmental issues and work to incorporate them into the lifecycle of our products. We will also address the concept of “sustainable management” as one of our most important challenges. The entire Toyota Industries Group will strive toward the harmonious coexistence of economic development and environmental conservation.

Environmental News

Nov. 21, 2014
"Certified Products" was updated
Sep. 1, 2014
The Toyota Industries Report 2014 was published
Jan. 30, 2014
"Environmental Data" was updated
Aug. 30, 2013
The Toyota Industries Report 2013 was published

Basic Approach

Our company's fundamental policies toward the environment and our global environmental commitment can be found here.

Environmental Management System

The environmental management system employed by the Toyota Industries Group can be found here.

Product Initiatives

Actual examples of our environmental consideration in product development can be found here.


Production Initiatives

Actual examples of our environmental consideration in our production activities can be found here.

What's Hot

Recent topics regarding our products can be found here.

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